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We can melt anything!

Recovery of metals from waste is our specialty.

Our customers include major recycling companies, steel mills, foundries, alloy development companies and mining companies. We are always willing to discuss your problems and to show you how to convert them into opportunities.

We have provided the technical expertise for several large scale metal recycling projects. Let us show you how to convert your metal byproducts into continuous cash flow, using the best available technology. 

Looking for Iron in all the Right Places

Many steel mills, foundries, machining, welding and recycling companies produce iron bearing wastes that do not typically get recycled back into the melting furnace. They are considered to be too low in value to bother with recycling. They are "just iron." Iron is the most recycled material in the world! Materials like spent shot and dust from blast cleaning, tire wire, alkaline batteries, grinding dust, swarf, BOF slag fines, Waelz kiln slag and even arc furnace dusts can be processed to recover their metallic iron units.

Using a unique Induction Reduction Process, we have been able to easily produce quality liquid iron from various finely divided iron waste streams. Iron oxides are converted to metallic iron which can be added back to any melting furnace as liquid iron or as solid pig iron.

We have produced hundreds of truckloads of cast ingot pig iron using induction furnaces in foundries and at recycling companies. We have used both domestic and imported iron ore concentrates to recover 60 to 70% metallic iron. We have used mill scale from steel mills to recover 68 to 72% metallic iron. We have used steel mill BOF slag and we always get 20 to 30% metallic iron recovery. If you need clean iron units like Pig Iron, we can show you how to make your own Pig Iron and save 25% to 35% over the purchase price of imported commercial Pig Iron.

Interested in recovering PGMs from mining and process wastes​?

There are many sources of Platinum Group Metals in mine tailings lying above ground in the U.S. Many of these materials are considered to be oxide ores. Many people consider the recovery of precious metals from oxide ores to be almost impossible. We have been able to recover Gold, Silver and PGMs from several sources of ore and tailings, using both induction and gas fired furnaces.

Need more from your Sand Molding Process?

We have had great success developing unique Sand Molding Processes to solve the most demanding applications. If you are a company that produces and sells Foundry Sand Binders or Additives, we can help you with fresh ideas. We have received both U.S. and Foreign Patents for Organic and Inorganic Binder Systems. If you are a foundry that uses Green Sand Molding or Nobake Binder Systems, we can show you how to get the best performance out of your current materials and equipment. 

We will be your "Foundry Advocate"

If you don't understand Metal Casting and you want someone to look out for your best interests, you can ask us to represent you in technical and business development discussions. We don't sell equipment or materials. We don't have any conflict of interest. All we can offer you is our 50 years of Metal Casting experience (since 1970). Let us provide the guidance you need to make good Metal Casting decisions.

Iron, Copper and Aluminum will never have zero value!

Invest with confidence in the American metal industries.

T. Cobett and Associates

10042 Oak Branch Trail

Strongsville, OH 44149

(260) 341-2258 Cell

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